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Join Our Instructors Training Academy

Do you fancy a rewarding career?
Why not train to be a driving instructor?
Train around current commitments or work hours on days to suit you!
* You need to have held a clean driving licence for 3 years and be over the age of 21 *

Part 1

  • Part 1 is a DISTANCE LEARNING course
  • The Part 1 examination paper consists of 100 multiple choice questions, divided into 4 bands, an overall pass mark of 85% and a band pass mark of 80% must be achieved before you can move onto Part 2
  • In other words, if you get an overall Pass Rate of more than 85% but less than 80% in any of the 4 bands you will fail
  • Part 1 also includes the Hazard Perception Test
  • The Hazard Perception Test is a series of video clips in which you must identify developing hazards
  • You study for the Part 1 exam at home
  • Having passed Part 1 you have two years to take and pass Parts 2 and 3

Theory and hazard perception study material £60.00

Part 2

  • Part 2 is a demanding driving test lasting about 1 hour, it covers all road and traffic conditions, and the "manoeuvres" mentioned below
  • You must drive to an extremely high standard, only six minor faults are allowed during the drive
  • You must pass this test before you can move to Part 3
  • Make no mistake...
  • ...this is not the driving test you took years ago
  • The Driving Standards Agency demands a high standard

Our experienced Driving Instructors assess you on all types of roads, including Motorways; you must demonstrate each "manoeuvre" in a business like manner

  • Emergency stop
  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse to the left
  • Reverse to the right
  • Parallel park
  • Bay Parking

20 Hours 1 to 1 training £500.00 or pay as you train £25.00 per hour
Once passed you can decide on a Probationary Driving Instructors licence (PDI)

  • A "PDI" (Trainee) licence is valid for six months and allows you to gain teaching experience before sitting the Part 3 test but you must take a further 40 hours of tuition within the first 3 months of your trainee licence or your Part 3 test, whichever comes first

Part 3

  • Part 3 teaches you the skills to instruct unskilled, semi skilled and fully skilled pupils
  • Fully skilled pupils still need training
  • The Part 3 test needs experienced training from top qualified trainers
  • You must be fully trained and prepared
  • The Part 3 test lasts for about an hour
  • Your Examiner will role-play either an untrained or partially trained pupil before switching at the halfway point to role-play a fully trained pupil for the remainder of the test
  • This is the most difficult test and carries the highest failure rate
  • You must be properly trained  
  • Part 3 training must be completed and signed off before the Driving Standards Agency will accept your application for a Trainee Licence

40 hours 1 to 1 training £1000.00 or pay as you train £25.00 per hour
 Buy Part 1, 2 and 3 together £1300.00
* Please note test fees are not included in the prices *


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